Burberry, my undying love.

In my eyes, Burberry is one of the most established British fashion company’s in the world and Christopher Bailey is a creative genius.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have looked up to this brand because of so many reasons. The Burberry house check print, the construction of garments, the colours, the accessories and what the collections portray. One of the most influential collections for me was S/S ’14 because of the soft pastels, sheer fabrics and delicate detailing.

Burberry S/S 14

Burberry as a brand has been completed renovated since Christopher Bailey became CCO, and it’s definitely for the best.

Burberry had their iconic print which made them stand out as a brand but Bailey has re-designed the classic trench coat in many ways which can make a outfit look grungy or elegant.

Burberry is one of the last original British companies left that is still well known today.

My first blog…

Hi all!

This is officially my first blog! Unsure of what to talk about at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get some inspiration soon.

Recently I have been researching different blogs from around the world so I could design my blog exactly how I like.
I aim for this blog to be all about designers collections from fashion weeks in best cities in the world, my favourite collections from fashion weeks, up-coming trends and key items for up-coming seasons from high-street stores.

Please keep checking up on this blog as new posts will be up soon!

Thanksss, Alex